Article “Duty and Distance”

Joint article with Constanze Binder now online.

Abstract: Ever since the publication of Singer’s (1972) article on ‘Famine, Affluence, and Morality’ have debates about duties to the distant needy been marked by a high degree of controversy. Most contributors discuss how duties are established or influenced by the fact that those in need of help can be geographically close or distant. In other words, they debate the problem of duty and distance from the perspective of duties. Here, we change tack and put the concept of distance at the centre of the analysis. We ask: what precisely is the definition and role of geographical distance in the different contributions? We argue that a distinction between empirical and moral disagreement over geographical distance clarifies several important aspects of the debate. The analysis also sheds new light on duties in the current European refugee crisis.

JEM special issue ‘The Future of Philosophy of Economics’

The Future of the Philosophy of Economics, the special issue of the Journal of Economic Methodology of the INEM conference 2013 at EIPE (edited by Constanze Binder, Conrad Heilmann and Jack Vromen) is out now. It contains papers by Attilia Ruzzene, Gil Hersch, Mikaël Cozic & Brian Hill, Jean-Sébastien Gharbi & Yves Meinard, Ruth Grant, Julian Reiss, and Carlo Martini.