I work in the philosophy of economics and social science, on fairness, measurement, discounting and behavioural economics. I have also interests in general philosophy of science, philosophy of public policy and political philosophy.


Research Project ‘Foundations of Intergenerational Discounting’

In the research project ‘Foundations of Intergenerational Discounting’, I develop general foundations of intergenerational discounting. I compare existing approaches against these general foundations and discuss problems of value-ladenness and intergenerational justice. The project is funded with a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant and includes two workshops and one conference.

Research Project: Any Number can win? – Measurement Theory for Economic Policy-Making

Numbers are ubiquitous in economic policy-making: GDP, unemployment, inflation, discount rates, and many more are frequently in the focus of interest. Yet, such numbers can take on a life of their own: often, they are used without paying attention to what kinds of assumptions and limitations they entail. In this research project, I develop a coherent account of measurement for economic policy. This account will allow us to make precise what kinds of assumptions are hidden in numbers that are frequently used in economic policy and what good principles are according to which such numbers can be constructed. The project is funded with an NWO VENI grant. More details can be found here.