Talk on “The Philosophy of Science of Financial Economics” at Second Lake Como Summer School on Economic Behaviours: Models, Measurements, and Policies

In collaboration with Melissa Vergara Fernández (Philosophy, EIPE) and Marta Szymanowska (Finance, RSM). We argue that financial economics should be characterized particularly by its focus on the use of models and by its performative nature. We suggest that the model-based and performative character of financial economics is: (1) visible in the history of its emergence … Read more

Talk at INEM 2021

We will present “Objective Fairness and its Two Dimensions” at the 15th Biennial Meeting of the International Network for Economic Method, held at Arizona State University, November 12-14, 2021.

Talk at ESE 2021

Conrad Heilmann gave a talk on the ethical debate surrounding Artificial Intelligence at the Bachelor Honours Class of the Erasmus School of Economics on April, 2021.

Talk: “Are Day-fines Fair?”

Conrad Heilmann talked about the fairness of day-fines at the international conference “Taking Wealth Seriously: European Practice with Day Fines” at Erasmus University Rotterdam on June 26, 2019.