Article “Contextualist model evaluation: models in financial economics and index funds” in European Journal for Philosophy of Science

Abstract. Philosophers of science typically focus on the epistemic performance of scientific models when evaluating them. Analysing the effects that models may have on the world has typically been the purview of sociologists of science. We argue that the reactive (or “performative”) effects of models should also figure in model evaluations by philosophers of science. … Read more

Article “Describing model relations: The case of the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) family in financial economics” in Studies in History & Philosophy of Science

Abstract: The description of how individual models in families of models are related to each other is crucial for the general philosophical understanding of model-based scientific practice. We focus on the Capital Asset Pricing Models (CAPM) family, a cornerstone in financial economics, to provide a descriptive analysis of model relations within a family. We introduce … Read more