Translation of Jan Tinbergen’s article “Mathematical Psychology” in Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics

‘Mathematical psychics’ was the name of the approach and the book by Edgeworth for a burgeoning scientific approach, also pioneered by Pareto, for that part of psychology on which economics rests. The nature of the subject of this approach raises the prospect that this approach can also be of interest to practitioners of other sciences related to psychology, which is why an attempt is made here to give an overview of the contents of this approach and some results already achieved with it in economics. In addition, some problems outside economics, narrowly construed, are indicated, for the solution of which one might also make fruitful use of mathematical psychology.

J. Tinbergen, H.C.K. Heilmann, S. Wintein, R. Hinz & E. Dekker (2021). Mathematical Psychology. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics14(1), 210-221.