The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Economics

The blossoming research field “philosophy of economics” has a new resource: the “Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Economics”. It is co-edited by Conrad Heilmann (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Julian Reiss (Johannes Kepler University Linz).

A new resource for philosophy of economics

The Handbook captures the most important topics and recent trends in the field “philosophy of economics”. It is an outstanding reference source for the key topics, problems, and debates at the intersection of philosophical and economic inquiry. It captures this field of countless exciting interconnections, affinities, and opportunities for cross-fertilization.

Book launch at the “Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice”

The Handbook was launched by two roundtable discussions 9th Biennial “Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice” conference in July 2022 at the University of Ghent. Both roundtable discussions were moderated by the co-editors Conrad Heilmann and Julian Reiss and featured contributors to the Handbook.

35 chapters giving comprehensive coverage

Comprising 35 chapters by a diverse team of contributors from all over the globe, the Handbook shows that philosophy of economics is an established but also exciting field of research. The volume is essential reading for students and researchers in economics and philosophy who are interested in exploring the interconnections between the two disciplines. Eight sections cover the following topics: Rationality, Cooperation and Interaction, Methodology, Values, Causality and Explanation, Experimentation and Simulation, Evidence, and Policy.

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