Review of Ivan Moscati’s book “Measuring Utility”

I very much enjoyed reading Ivan Moscati’s excellent book Measuring Utility: From the Marginal Revolution to Behavioral Economics, Oxford University Press. Here is my book review essay in Oeconomia. Also check out the reviews by Jean-SĂ©bastien Lenfant and Catherine Herfeld, and Ivan’s reply in the same issue.

Article “Extreme rijkdom eerlijk verdeeld” in ANTW

We participated in a forum on reactions to Ingrid Robeyns’ theory of limitarianism, published in the Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte. We argue that if richness is limited, the resources that are obtained by those that are deemed to rich need to be divided fairly. S. Wintein & H.C.K. Heilmann (2017). Extreme Rijkdom Eerlijk Verdeeld. Algemeen Nederlands … Read more

Blogpost “Eerlijkheid voor kleine partijen”

In a blog post on Bij Nader Inzien, we argue that recent changes to the Dutch electoral system are unfair to smaller parties. S. Wintein & H.C.K. Heilmann (2017). Eerlijkheid voor kleine partijen. Blogpost on Bij Nader Inzien, August 2017.

Article “Dividing the indivisible: Apportionment and philosophical theories of fairness” in Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Philosophical theories of fairness propose to divide a good that several individuals have a claim to in proportion to the strength of their respective claims. We suggest that currently, these theories face a dilemma when dealing with a good that is indivisible. On the one hand, theories of fairness that use weighted lotteries are either … Read more